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La Dura Samples
The property consists of seven 100 hectare mine claim blocks just west of the town of San Bernardo, Sonora, Mexico.

It appears that a complex series of intrusive and extrusive events occurred within the claim area. Cerro Isidro is capped with what seems to be white limestone material that dips sharply to the north into the south flank of Cerro Tetasoari. The two peaks display a complex core with a wide range of metallic occurrences in the assayed samples.

Outcrops of more competent and massive volcanic flank rocks were located in the deeply incised dry gulch valleys and high and low temperature hydrothermal vent rocks were noted along some crest lines. The highly oxidized and weathered hydrothermal outcrops were noted in the area of the south and west flanks of Cerro Isidro. Significant malachite oxidation on hematite stained rhyolite base rock was observed on the southern flank of Cerro Tetasoari. In the valley system between the two local peaks a highly weathered grayish granite or granodiorite was noted in sporadic outcrops. The surface exposures were too deeply weathered to obtain a proper sample for analysis.

The under rights have been secured by staking mining claims. However, the surface is a mix of private and publicly owned parcels. The subject area defined by the staking is a complex geological picture with intrusive and extrusive volcanic activity, muted fault activity and distorted sedimentary cap layers. Higher grade copper anomaly assays along with wide spread gold and silver mineralization suggest that ore grade materials may be encountered with further exploration activity.

The entire area and the hinterland surrounding the main focus portions are vacant and are currently used for sparse grazing of cattle. The region is a desert plain situated between a series of regional mountain ranges, with local peaks, Cerro Tetasoari and Cerro Isidro, rising steeply roughly 300 meters above it. A low quality road runs through the property off of a moderate quality gravel highway that joins San Bernardo to the historical silver mining town of Los Alamos roughly half an hour or 30 miles to the south.


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