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About Trimax Corp   Management
  Trimax is in the process of building a highly qualified management team to steer the growth of the company. Robert Stewart is the first to join the company and he will head up this team.

Robert Sanford Stewart
Robert S. Stewart as Chairman, CEO and Director
Chairman, CEO and Director of Trimax Corporation, Mr. Stewart is an Economist, Financier, Chairman and CEO of numerous mining and petroleum companies. He started his career with Hudson’s Bay Mining and Sherritt in the base and precious metal mines in Northern Manitoba, Canada. From there he transferred to East, Central and Southern Africa where he financed, developed or sold a number of large mining, petroleum and infrastructure projects with partners Falconbridge, Bechtel, American Mineral Fields, Krupp, Electrowatt, and CDC London.

Mines which Mr. Stewart discovered, developed, or contributed significantly to include Ruttan Lake Copper Mine, Kilembe Copper/Cobalt Mines Limited, Kolwezi Cobalt Tailings Project, Lynn Lake Gold Mine, Snow Lake Gold Mine, and the OMCO Copper Mine in Oman. In addition he initiated the billion dollar Songo Songo natural gas-to-electricity project in Tanzania and the Sanaga Sud natural gas field in Cameroon.

As Chairman of telecom, mining, biotech and natural gas companies, he lived over 30 years in Zurich, London and New York as well as worked with the IFC/World Bank to finance some of the largest projects in Africa. His leadership in writing the $50 billion Master Plan for the Reconstruction of the DR Congo remains a major milestone laying out the future of all mining and infrastructure developments for that country.

Mr. Stewart resides in Scottsdale Arizona and will commute frequently to the mineral property in Alamos, Sonora State, Mexico.

Reginald Olson, Secretary/Treasurer
Reg has several decades of experience in the design and construction of sophisticated power plants and major industrial projects worldwide. He has acted in the capacity of COO in corporate management and been responsible for the operation of several publicly listed companies. A meticulous corporate professional, he will oversee all investor and shareholder relations at the Board level. In addition, his invaluable experience building large electrical power installations will help the company as it proceeds downstream through exploration and mining to metallurgical development. The company will consider onsite smelting and refining processes that will require large electrowinning capabilities. Reg is also an acclaimed expert in global VHF communications having installed and operated telecoms for several remote operations similar to Trimax's mining projects. He has overseen billions of dollars of complex construction projects worldwide from conception and design, through implementation and commissioning to completion. Reg is a graduate Electrical Engineer from the University of Wisconsin.


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