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  The Mining Industry in Sonora, Mexico
Mexico is a country with a mining history of more than 500 years. It is one of the world’s largest metal producers and the State of Sonora represents a major mineral exploration ground within Mexico.

Trimax’s San Bernardo, Mexico Project
Favorable Geology – The geology is favorable, with granodiorite covering a large portion of the property known as “Raquel 2”.  This granodiorite is the main source of epithermal gold, silver, zinc and copper mineralization. Volcanic rock, which can trap mineralization, makes up the rest of the ground. Major shears and faults are crisscrossing the property as highlighted by satellite interpretation. It is in close proximity to part of the NW – SE  Mojave Sonora Mega-Shear. The most important shear directions are trending NW – SE and SSW to NNE, and are well defined fault zones that act as mineral feeder systems and ore traps.

Property Conclusions – There are two old mines on the property with high silver grades, as well as numerous gold and silver workings and prospects that are located within 10 to 15km. Grab samples and satellite alterations confirm the possibility of more potential targets to be investigated.

Ideally Located – The Raquel 2 property consists of 10,000 hectares and is located in the province of Sonora, 90 km northeast of Navojoa in Mexico. The property is approximately 30 km northeast of the large Piedras Verdras porphyry copper mine. Good quality road access exists in the general area and electrical power is readily available. Water is obtainable from the large reservoir about 16 km south east of the property or from the Mayo River flowing through the centre of the property.


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