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The Rio Mayo Project consists of seven mineral concessions and covers 21,759.84 hectares. It is located is located in the western foothills of the Sierra Madre Occidental approximately 30 kilometers north-northwest of the small town of Alamos, Sonora. Most of the Project area is confined to the eastern side of the Rio Mayo and extends east and west beyond the local municipality of San Bernardo, Sonora. The southern end of Project is located approximately 7 kilometers northeast of the village of Techobampo.

The Rio Mayo Project represents a series of potential polymetallic, precious metal (Au-Ag), carbonate-hosted manto-type/skarn base metal (Pb-Zn-Cu +Ag), IOCG (Iron Oxide Copper Gold), and Cu-porphyry systems that upon systematic exploration and development may result in the discovery of several economically viable deposits.

Mineralization at Rio Mayo is confined predominantly to fault and fissure-fill and gold and silver bearing, epithermal veins and manto-type and skarn type carbonate-hosted silver-rich base metal (Pb-Zn-Cu) occurrences. The prospects and deposits exploited in the past are the result of Late Cretaceous to Early Eocene granitic-quartzmonzonitic-dioritic-porphyritic andesitic intrusions that interacted with the older underlying carbonates of Mural Formation equivalent. This appears to represent the greatest exploration opportunity in the Rio Mayo Project, possibly hosting substantial manto-type and skarn type carbonate-hosted silver-rich base metal (Pb-Zn-Cu) systems.

There appears to the potential of a variant of an IOCG (Iron Oxide Copper Gold) system along the northern end of the Project area, located on north side of the Rio Mayo. A 400 meter x 200 meter Fe-Cu surface anomaly has been identified northwest of Cerro Los Pilares. This anomaly, alternatively, represent the surface manifestation of deeper-seated Cu porphyry system.

Exploration potential within the Rio Mayo Project appears to be quite substantial based upon previous exploitation operations in San Bernardo area and results from the 2006 sampling program conducted within the Project area.

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